Although I'm a conventionally published writer, much of my work  has never passed through a printing press and has remained either in typescript form or as a computer file. The Canadian publisher who took on  "The Chocolate Man", in 1995, rejected my next novel (don't bother, it's not on this website) and then left the business. Maybe a message there somewhere.

Anyway, publishers and producers have taken only intermittent interest in what I have to offer. They don't see me as a money-spinner - and they're probably right.  I've never written a best-seller. 

On the other hand,  I don't devote much effort to attracting them. When material gets rejected at the first approach, I tend to put it aside and go onto something else. That's contrary to all the best advice. Every writer - well almost every writer - gets turned down. The trick is to persist. 

Sending out manuscripts and individually-crafted covering letters, however, is not only time-consuming; it is also humiliating, more than faintly ridiculous and likely to be futile. I think of it as akin to putting a message into a bottle and throwing it into the sea in the hope that someone will find it.  

Moreover - as Robert Frost succinctly and beautifully expressed it - I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep.

If you find anything here that pleases or interests or even irritates you - feel free to let me know!


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